Elhamra Ecolodge - The Gift of Nature

About Elhamra Ecolodge

El-Hamra Eco-lodge is located next to the natural and beautiful saltwater El-Hammra Lake, it is a quiet and charming place with bungalows, Suites, Salt cave, Sauna and Gym where you can do many activities or simply observe the stars and relax with a cup of tea by the swimming pool.

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  • Sherif Kamel
    "I was really overwhelmed by loads of stresses and different challenges in my life. After having some healing sessions inside The Salt Cave I felt really relaxed. I was able to think both deeply and thoroughly. After getting rid of my negative energy I felt like taking tough decisions in my life was a piece of cake. I highly recommend these sessions for anyone who's currently struggling in his life".
    Sherif Kamel Guest
  • Iris Adam
    "I've had a lot of pains in different areas of my body. And after spending few hours insideĀ The Salt Cave I felt like I'm flying in the air. I believe that If I spent more time inside the cave all the pains will vanish. I really liked the experience very much"
    Iris Adam Guest