Elhamra Ecolodge - The Gift of Nature


El-Hammra Ecolodge is located on the west bank of El-Hammra lake. The town of Wadi El-Natrun, is situated between Cairo and Alexandria. It has been well established that the ancient Egyptians used the Natrun salts of the lake for the process of mummification.It is also written that the Virgin Mary, Jesus and Joseph stayed in Wadi El-Natrun during their flight from the Romans, surviving on the fresh spring water seeping into the lake itself. The water of the lake is known for its healing, therapeutic and cosmetic properties. The Coptic monasteries of Anba Beshoy, El-Baramos, El Surian and Abo Makar are located in the surrounding area, and they are open to visitors all the year around.


In the central lodge you can find the reception area, a nice lounge with TV and buffet-style restaurant where you can share stories with other guests.The eco-lodge has meeting areas in and outdoors where you can either hold conferences or Retreats in a relaxing environment.


Watch the sunset and have traditional Bedouin meals from El-Hammra’s kitchen, which produces healthy food made from organic farms. Take a walk beside the lake and enjoy the views.